Affiliated care providers

Stockholm Care represents six County Council hospitals and several private care providers.

Among these hospitals is the renowned Karolinska University Hospital, internationally known for clinical excellence and outstanding medical research. The Karolinska University Hospital represents both a proud tradition of academic excellence and the dynamic advancement of modern medicine.

Akademikliniken (+)
Akademikliniken is one of the world's largest private clinics for plastic surgery. Their motto is "Beauty through Science", which captures the essence of Akademikliniken. Research and development is an important part of what they do at Akademikliniken, which is why they have a leading position in plastic surgery. They also offer medical skin care, aesthetic dental care and their own range of skin care products.

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Aleris (+)
Aleris – one of the largest healthcare companies in Scandinavia. Diagnostics is a division within Aleris, one of the largest private healthcare companies in Scandinavia with operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Other divisions within Aleris are Healthcare (healthcare, geriatrics and auditory rehabilitation), Senior Care (care of the elderly and disabled) and Psychiatry (psychosocial care and treatment for adults, children and adolescents).

Capio St Göran's Hospital (+)
Capio St Görans sjukhus has succeeded in achieving what many hospitals aspire to. They combine high productivity with high medical standards, and satisfaction is high among patients and personnel.

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Danderyd University Hospital (+)
Danderyd University Hospital is a specialist hospital, including trauma and emergency units, which focuses primarily on internal medicine, cardiology, orthopaedics, surgery and urology as well as obstetrics and gynaecology. The hospital offers specialized care, targeting all the major disease groups. A process orientated approach is used at Danderyd University Hospital which cuts across traditional clinical boundaries and allows diagnostics, care and treatment to be guided by the patient’s needs.
In addition to a broad range of specialized areas of acute and elective care, the hospital also accommodates certain critical functions such as a nationwide respiratory dispensary and a university clinic for rehabilitation medicine. Niche activities within the area of elective care include procedures such as complex hip prostheses, obesity surgery, treatment for arrhythmias and advanced angina therapy.

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Ersta Hospital (+)
Ersta Hospital is a publicly funded private hospital. While the hospital has no emergency room, it offers round-the-clock services for hospitalised patients. A 150-year tradition and advanced medical competence puts Ersta Hospital in a position to develop modern healthcare. A holistic view of the human organism is central to being part of the Ersta diakoni organisation.

Karolinska University Hospital (+)
Karolinska University Hospital is one of Scandinavia’s premier health facilities. Together with the universally respected Karolinska Institute it is a leader in medical breakthroughs in Sweden. Its vision is to strive for worldwide recognitions as a premier teaching hospital, leading the way in health science and care.

Karolinska University Hospital also has two main paediatric departments, the Astrid Lindgren Hospital in Solna and the Children’s Hospital in Huddinge, which provide a full range of paediatric services.

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Queen Sophia Hospital (+)


Queen Sophia Hospital is a private hospital for personal and professional care. Its strong caring tradition spans more than a century, creating a solid foundation for providing state-of-the-art health services in a warm and welcoming care environment.

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Red Cross Hospital (+)
The Red Cross Hospital offers orthopaedic rehabilitation and rehabilitation after major surgery. The hospital has specialized particularly in care and rehabilitation of patients who have undergone orthopaedic surgery, vascular surgery, major surgical interventions or trauma (accidents).

The Red Cross Hospital also offers:
Rheumatological rehabilitation
Care and treatment of lymphoedema
Physiotherapy and pool treatment
Specialized orthopaedic clinic
Walking school
Prosthetic arm unit
Ex-Center (for patients with multiple limb injuries)
Training for functionally impaired patients

Rehab Station Stockholm (+)
Rehab Station Stockholm offers a holistic and forward thinking approach to spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Rehab Station Stockholm has created a positive and friendly atmosphere which enables clients to reach their full potential. The goal is for the clients to regain or maintain an active role in society with a high degree of autonomy and life satisfaction.
The multidisciplinary team at Rehab Station Stockholm offers expertise within rehabilitation, medicine, neurology, sexology/ fertility and pain management. Consultants in a number of other areas are also available. 

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St. Erik´s Eye Hospital (+)
St. Erik’s Eye Hospital is one of the largest specialised ophthalmology centres in the world. The hospital is owned by the Stockholm County Council. It offers a concentration of highly specialised surgery, research and education.

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Stockholm South General Hospital (+)
Stockholm South General Hospital has the largest emergency clinic in northern Europe and is one of Sweden’s major obstetric hospitals. Besides well developed departments of internal medicine, cardiology, anaesthesiology and paediatrics, Stockholm South General Hospital has Sweden’s largest unit for prosthetic hip and knee surgery as well as the only hand surgery clinic in Stockholm. Significant work is also done in the areas of prostate enlargement, obesity and vascular surgery. The hospital is involved in extensive clinical research and training activities.

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Stockholm Spine Center (+)
The Stockholm Spine Centre, the largest back clinic in Sweden, has assembled a unique leading edge competence in back surgery and rehabilitation. The surgical unit with its unique combined competence in back surgery and neurosurgery works with a multiprofessional team at the Rehabilitation Unit which includes rehab physicians, physiotherapists, orthopaedic and back surgeons, psychologists, social workers as well as naprapaths and chiropractors in order to offer the best possible care to patients with back or neck problems.
The aim of all treatment at the Stockholm Spine Centre is to improve the patient’s quality of life through the possibility of mobility and work. Stockholm Spine Centre offers investigation, rehabilitation and courses through complete and unique cooperation between all specialists with expertise in back problems.