Frequently asked questions

How long until I get an answer? (+)
We deal with all enquiries as expeditiously as possible. However, in order to initiate dialogue with the specialist clinic without delay, we need complete medical documentation. It is therefore important that you provide us with all medical information necessary for a correct medical assessment. On receipt of complete medical documentation, we send the documents to the specialist clinic where the contents are rapidly reviewed and a medical assessment made of the possibilities for treatment. Response time to an enquiry varies depending on the medical speciality involved, but we can usually provide a response to enquiries within three weeks.

What does it cost? (+)
In general we do not offer medical treatment at fixed rates. Instead the treatment costs are individualised according to the diagnosis and preliminary treatment plan. To provide you with an estimated treatment cost, we need all your medical documentation (in English) such as medical reports, X-rays, etc. You will find more detailed information about treatment costs and payment procedures under “Patient information”. The estimated treatment/visiting costs are provided as a total amount based on the medical services we are expected to provide.

Can you help arrange a hotel? (+)
Yes, we will be glad to help you arrange accommodation (book a hotel, apartment or patient hostel) in conjunction with treatment. Click here to make your own reservation: Accommodation

Can you help me with the visa application? (+)
Yes, we can assist you with your visa application. Normally you apply for visa at the Swedish Embassy in your home country. This application will be sent to the Swedish Board of Migration, which is the deciding authority. The time for approval or refusal of the application varies. Read more about visa applications under "Patient information".

Can you help with transportation? (+)
If necessary we will arrange transportation to and from the airport, and between your accommodation and the hospital. Read more about taxis and the Stockholm Public Transport System (SL) under "About Stockholm".

Where should I send my medical documents? (+)
Your medical documents should be sent to Stockholm Care. Please read more about the procedure at "Inquiry about treatment".

Do you accept forms E112 and 106? (+)
Besides advance payment of estimated costs, we also accept an E112 form (issued by the national insurance plan in the patient’s home country). The E112 form should be sent to us in good time before the treatment.
We also accept form 106 intended for persons in the diplomatic service.