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Storage of personal data

Swedish law - in case of mal-practice
Accommodation and transport
Visa applications
Exchange office
Treatment costs and payment



All staff members have a legal duty to treat the patient’s medical and personal information in the strictest confidence.


Storage of personal data

According to the Personal Data Act, Stockholm Care (SC) is obliged to inform you that we may store personal data you submit to us. SC will store personal data (eg name, address, date of birth and diagnosis) in a database for future reference. The data will be available to staff of SC and contracted caregivers. The information may be used for (but not limited to) process development, obtaining of statistics, possible future reconnection and to secure traceability. If you have sent us personal data you may at any time send a written request to be informed about the content of your file. You may also request in writing, to have information corrected, partly removed or fully removed from the SC records



We can assist you with interpreters during medical visit. Please inform us beforehand if you need this service. 

We only engage licensed interpreters.


Swedish law - in case of a mal-practice

The treatment offered by Stockholm Care AB to foreign patients is provided in Sweden by Swedish medical personnel and according to applicable Swedish healthcare regulations. Liability issues and any claims for compensation resulting from injury or mistreatment are therefore subject to review according to Swedish law. In this respect, foreign patients are covered by the same regulatory provisions as Swedish patients.


Accommodation and transport 

In conjunction with your treatment, we will help to arrange accommodation in a hotel, apartment or patient hostel. If necessary, we will also arrange transport to and from the airport and between your accommodation and the hospital.


Visa application

We can assist you with visa applications. In Sweden, visa matters are handled by the Swedish Migration Board.

Normally you apply for a visa at the Swedish Embassy in your home country. They will send your application to the Swedish Migration Board.

You should enclose a medical certificate from Sweden indicating when you will receive your treatment and what this entails. We can assist you with this certificate.

Finally, you must also show that you have funds deposited in Sweden for the treatment as planned and for any possible aftercare.
Swedish Migration Board


Exchange office 

Exchange Centre
Klarabergsgatan 33
SE-111 21 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 440 29 20+46 8 440 29 20
Exchange Centre 

FOREX (opposite the Central Station)
Vasagatan 16
SE-10121 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 104990+46 8 104990

SEB Valuta  
Arlanda Flygplats
SE-190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda
Tel: +46 8 593 788 80+46 8 593 788 80

X-Change (Central Station)
Centralplan 15
SE-111 20 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 545 230 30+46 8 545 230 30


Treatment costs and payment 

General rules for cost calculations
Stockholm Care normally offers care to foreign patients based on flexible fees. Since there may be significant individual differences in diagnoses and treatment options, treatment costs are first estimated on the basis of available medical information and then finalised after completed treatment.

Care may be offered at a fixed rate in cases of standardised treatment methods and large patient volumes. Fixed fees generally require special agreement between the ordering party and Stockholm Care.

Calculation of costs in individual cases
In order to estimate the treatment costs we require medical documentation (in English) such as patient records, X-rays, medical reports etc. The medical documentation is submitted to the appropriate specialist clinic for assessment. The specialist clinic informs us whether treatment can be offered and, if so, of what type. The clinic will at the same time prepare a preliminary treatment plan as a basis for estimating the treatment costs. We then inform the patient whether there is a possibility of treatment and at what cost such treatment can be offered.

The patient or paying party must expressly undertake to cover all final treatment costs and make an advance payment or provide a payment guarantee for the estimated treatment costs.
Estimated treatment costs – final treatment costs
Besides advance payment of estimated costs we also accept guarantees from insurance companies or an E112 form (issued by the national insurance plan in the patient’s home country). Guarantees and E112 forms should be sent to us in good time before the treatment. Please note that advance payment is required before registration and treatment. If the final treatment cost is lower than the advance payment, the difference will be refunded. If the cost is higher than the advance payment, you will have to make an additional payment when the treatment is completed. You will receive a final invoice on completion of the treatment.

Bank account information
Swedbank AB,  SE-105 34 Stockholm, Sweden
IBAN: SE93 8000 0890 1190 3434 3674
Account No.
8901-1 903 434 367-4 556 253-1896
VAT NO. SE 556253189601
Bank Giro Account
Postal Giro Account

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